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Stainless Outset Steel Pizza Peel - Rosewood Handle

Stainless Outset Steel Pizza Peel - Rosewood Handle


Pizza night is a family favorite. And part of the fun is preparing and baking the pizza! With the Outset™ Pizza Peel you'll no longer have to fret with moving the pizza from prep to pan and from pan to plate. Peel prevents spills and burns – keeping pizza night ever-so fun. With its fine rosewood handle that folds in for storage, and smooth stainless-steel surface, the pizza peel offers a safe & convenient way to remove pizza from your oven or grill. Also makes and excelllent bread peel for homemade or bakery breads. Whether you're inside or out, transferring and cutting pizza has never been so easy!

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  • Specs

    Size: 2" x 8" x 21"

For our larger items of fireplaces and BBQ's - Please contact us directly to find out if we have stock of the item. Due to the size and installation process, we are not able to sell them online.

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