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Hardcore Carnivor Disposable Cutting Board

Hardcore Carnivor Disposable Cutting Board


Disposable cutting boards are generously sized and made in the USA. Big enough for brisket, and sturdy enough for an electric knife, these cut board are the perfect addition to your deer camp, vacation home, competition BBQ kit, catering rig - you name it! We've been known to use it for easy cleanup on ribs in our home kitchens.  


The boards are coated with a hydrophobic (water resistant) food-safe layer, making them extra durable. They also feature a handy 1 and 2 inch grid for convenient measurement.   


Perfect for Fishing, Camping, BBQ, Hunting, Catering, etc



  • Specs

    18" x 24" size

  • Important INFO

    Images shows Pack of 30 but they are Sold Individually

For our larger items of fireplaces and BBQ's - Please contact us directly to find out if we have stock of the item. Due to the size and installation process, we are not able to sell them online.

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