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Outset Grill Brush With Scraper

Outset Grill Brush With Scraper


The Outset Verde Grill Brush offers Outset's exclusive quality and the gorgeous appearance of the Verde line. The Verde line promotes environmental responsibility. The Verde Grill Brush is made from 100-percent sustainable materials (including the packaging): the handle is made from farm-raised bamboo and the head is constructed of recycled stainless steel. Be the environmentalist with taste and refinement at your next barbecue outing. Impeccably manufactured to meet exclusive standards in outdoor entertaining, the quality of Outset's barbecue accessories is peerless. The Verde collection is so named because it's dedicated to making the world a little greener, having all of its products constructed with 100% sustainable materials. This grande grill brush has a larger head size (6" x 3.25"), an easy-to-replace recycled stainless steel bristle head, and the handle is made from stunning tiger bamboo! Featured scraper for those tough, stuck-on messes. Heat up your grill, not your earth.

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  • Specs

    Size: 17" x 6" x 2.75"

For our larger items of fireplaces and BBQ's - Please contact us directly to find out if we have stock of the item. Due to the size and installation process, we are not able to sell them online.

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