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Chef Hew's Gnar Rub

Chef Hew's Gnar Rub


Gnar Rub is a specialty crafted spice blend designed alongside Gnar Sauce BBQ / Marinade. These two products are a match made in heaven. Season and cook your desired protein with Gnar rub and finish on the Grill with Gnar Sauce BBQ / Marinade. Pulled pork doesn't get much better than with this killer combo. ( For the Vegetarians we suggest crispy oven baked Brussel sprouts tossed in Gnar Rub, drizzled with balsamic glaze and topped with crumbled fetta cheese).

Only 2 left in stock

For our larger items of fireplaces and BBQ's - Please contact us directly to find out if we have stock of the item. Due to the size and installation process, we are not able to sell them online.

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